Round round round 

Vast vast vast

It doesn’t get easier

It doesn’t seem lively again
Surrounded by emotional outburst

Yet,want to write?

Tell it to me,

When will the emotions not outburst you?
We never get to live a life full of fun

And even if we get to just for ½ of the day,

For that period,

Our memories are tied down to our own self

Our own way of living….Our loneliness!
The confusing moment?

Which seems so easy to everyone


Or the amusing moments?

Which seems so not fun to others

Weird….isn’t it?
Times of crossing over a piece

‘Cus it seems to display emotional burst

Times of turning to a new page

Cus it seems not to portray the right feelin
Yes! Every job has its difficulties

Yet,none can be compared to a life moulding job

The cautious steps before reshaping souls

The ways of not misleading souls…………
Come,move closer

Two salts in different containers


One is properly covered in the rain

While the other isn’t covered well

What then happens to both?
And that’s the way I can describe a moulder

They might get you a shield or even be your shield

No matter how strong the shield you get for them

Their ordeals still bother them and get them down at a certain point
Our lives ain’t perfect

Yet,we need perfect write Ups

To save sinking souls

How then do we do this??
Its true,we mostly share our stories

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Telling them how we overcame

And sometimes,makes me wonder

That there are some better routes,ways….

That could have been taken for easy victory
Just in all,

I run up to my pen and book

And so far,this has kept me moving:

You can’t claim what you say you are,

Without having testimonies to back it up


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