Of recent,ladies have developed a wrong notion that their pretty face will help them in securing their guys
👉Now,I am not talking of character which is the most important thing to be put into consideration in a relationship or anywhere you find yourself in d world
My talk here  is based on how viral this make over of a thing has gone
You see them trying to cover their flaws with heavy makeup

Seriously, I am not in the position to judge you neither am i trying to judge you


You have your reasons

Yet,you have gat to stop fooling yourself thinking you are fooling us
A saying goes thus:

Guys fall for what they see

Which is 97.5% correct

So,is that why you decided to tie down a guy with your

 fake beauty?

And you flare up 😡whenever your guy makes an attempt to touch your fine fake face( F³)😁😁

For how long will such relationship last?

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Oh! Don’t get me wrong❌

Looking 9c is good but why not in moderation?😀

Try to walk around once in a yhl in your natural self❌⏰

It won’t kill you❎

Oh! Cus of your tribal marks and spots?

Baby chill, its normal…its not your fault

You dont have to hide it with a heavy make over😉😉
A guy who loves💓 you not realizing he has been treasuring a fake fine and smooth face will later leave n walk away after discovering its not d real you🚹

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So,sis,tell me,what were you preventing from the beginning of ur relationship?💘
But a guy who got attracted to you based on ur natural beauty will keep wondering how amazing you are😱

Then,u can boldly keep him by ur side👫
Stop fooling yourself,🔚

He will get to know one day✅⏰

You cant hide it forever❎




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