Just in a glimpse,
Everything becomes void
Where are they?
Those who promised to be there always

Can’t believe they are all gone
Within a glance.
Was their feelings through?
Right from the onset?

I thought of holding on,
But deep within myself,
Its gonna have adverse effects
Which might bring more pains


I thought of letting go,
Owing up to maturity
Yet,I couldn’t
Cus I was scared of loosing something,
Something, I might never regain

Thinking about the old times,
The bonds we shared,
Was it from there?
I made a mistake of trusting in you?

Or did you really mean to stay
From then till eternity?
But along the way,
You developed a cold feet?

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Communication amends relationship
While knowing this,
You still don’t want reconciliation?
Damn so bent on staying away right?

Just whenever you feel its totally wrong,
Owing to your mistakes,
Not minding how I’ve lived without you,
Will gladly accept you again!
Provided your vacuum is not yet filled!



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